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Recommended Websites about Giftedness

  1. Many terrific articles about giftedness. SENG is committed to supporting the emotional needs of gifted people.
  2. Source for all-things-gifted resource, full of resources, articles, books and links to help and support parents, teachers, and gifted children alike.
  3. This is my GATE Gatorz page for my recommendations for sites.
  4. Books for gifted kids that feature gifted kids

Recommended Books
Here are some of the books that I have read and would recommend to students and parents.



  1. Emotional Intensity in Gifted Students by Christine Fonseca
  2. Gifted Grownups by Mary Lou Streznewski
  3. Peak Performance for Smart Kids by Maureen Neihart
  4. Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell
  5. 101 Success Secrets For Gifted Kids by Christine Fonseca
Music for Adademic Projects:  is a good site for listening to or downloading Royalty Free music. These can be incorporated into student created projects. Just make sure to list the song title and the artist. See Jamendo for restrictions and recommendations.
Reading and Writing Resources
A special thanks to Beverly Schiff for emailing me these links:

“Reading Skills and Great Books for Kids” –

“A Guide to the Types of Essays” –

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