Here is where you will find many useful resources related to gifted students.

The format is a drop down menu, so if you place your mouse on the Resources heading, you will see the other pages.

This section contains our parent brochures in English and Spanish.  This section has a page on social and emotional needs of the gifted with many links and articles.

Teachers will find many useful ideas, lessons and resources to differentiate their classroom instruction for their gifted students.

I’ve included a technology section for those interested in finding new technology tools and tricks they can use in the workforce and in the classroom.

How to spot a gifted student

1_1 PHP Looking For Gifts

GATE FAQs 10-04-09

Ten Things All Administrators Should Know About Gifted Children

Curriculum Compacting Teaching Strategy

Gifted and Learning Disabled. Is this possible? How do I help?

Helping Visual Learners Succeed in the Classroom

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