Having Fun with Photos

I am grateful to have attended my third CUE conference this March. CUE stands for Computer Using Educators. This was my second year as a presenter. My teacher friends encouraged me to put in my application. I’ve been presenting at GATE conferences since 1995, but I see myself as a novice techy. However, from my friends’ reactions, “How did you do that?!!” I guess I need to accept the fact that I am at least an intermediate user.

Once a GATE kid, always a GATE kid. Like my colleague and friend, James Webb says, “GIftedness is terminal.” The same perfectionism that gifted kids have still lies there in the shadows as a gifted adult. The comparisons we make to those we see as super stars still lie there too.
Gifted folks don’t compare themeselves to the masses. They compare themselves to the top of the class, the front of the pack. They strive to lead.
I am always in awe of the rock stars in every field. That may be music, sports, the academic areana, or the guy who created the I-Pod.
So, I came back from CUE with all sorts of neat ideas. Creating a Website was on top of my list, and here it is and it does even more than I thought. I had a long wish list for our tech guy of what I wanted for my site.
“Play is a child’s work.”- Jean Piaget, psychologist and chilhood development specialist
My family recently hosted a French student and I was amazed that her academic day begins at 8 am and ends at 6pm. I thought, “When does she play? When does she imagine? When does she day-dream?”
So, I spent some time in class allowing your children to play and in playing, they learned.
You will see their masterworks at open house in May. Here is a hint: We made funny faces.

As you can see from the image above, I was able to combine two of my favorite things- coffee and running!

Here are some of the resources we used:
www.deefunia.com Place yourself in a billboard or on a magazine cover. Deefunia image editor makes you look like a rock star.

www.befunky.comwww.picmonkey.com and www.pizap.com A great way to add an instant tan, whiten your teeth, add highlights, lip tint, a tiara and some stickers onto your image.
Your children are reasearching a self-selected topic and creating a multimedia presentation. They have their own Discovery Education Streaming Video account and are able to access thousands of high quality videos on any topic they want to learn about. Their user name and password are good until February 2013.
I’ll be sharing more interesting sites and ideas soon.
Keep on visiting our site.
Cheers, Mrs. Cravens