GATE class registration coming soon

Just an update for parents and students that registration for our GATE Saturday Academy will be opening in late November. Classes will begin in January, the weekend after winter break. Letters with registration information and instructions will be sent out in late November.

Students may ONLY register online this year.

Here are ideas for students who do not have internet access at home:

Be prepared to enter the following information: a personal email address- preferably parent email or teacher email. Your home phone number and parent cell number.

1. Use the school computer. Ask your teacher to let you register for classes either before or after school or during your computer lab time.

2. Use a computer at your public library. You will need to apply for a library card if you do not have one. A library card is free.

3. You may register on a phone, Ipod/Ipad ¬†or tablet that has internet connection. Mc Donald’s has free Wi-Fi.