Student Multimedia Projects

With student projects, a big issue is evaluation. The first major thing is  letting kids know how they will be evaluated. IE what they need to include in their project. Here is a check list I am using with third and fourth grade students that are creating a power point presentation on a self-selected research topic: Checklist for GATE Multimedia project

Still Life Collage Project- Learning can be messy!

Also, give them plenty of examples to look at for reference: Good Questions Powerpoint. This gives them a rough idea of what decent questions look like that introduce what’s coming next. I also suggested they use a picture only format and then pose the question orally to introduce the next point.

Student still life example

I think it is important to give mini check points along the way,so kids don’t fall behind and you clearly know who is struggling. You can assign several students as “Checkers”, armed with a 3-5 line item check list to go around and check student work for you. This frees you up to assist struggling students.

Helping each other out.

I kind of like the “each one , teach one” motto as well. When I am busy helping a student and another kid approaches me, I might ask, “Who knows how to copy and paste a URL into a document?” and then ask that student to help the struggling student. Just make sure the saavy student doesn’t use up too much of their own learning and exploring time doing this sort of thing. All students have the right to move from point B to point C, and need to reach beyond their grasp.

Teachers ask: “What skills should I have and where can I learn those skills?” Here is an excellent resource:  What I like about this website is that it has tutorials and guides to help guide you through the process.